Hello Fitties, welcome to my website.

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story. My name is Stefanie Williams, I love sport and I have always been an active person. When I started school, I wasn’t interested in playing with dolls, I preferred to go outside to kick a ball around or fight with the boys. Even at the age of 5 my parents would call me power legs and I would do impressions of muscle man in my little white pants, weird I know!

Academia was not my forte at school, so playing sport was my escape. I played hockey for the Welsh International team for a number of years. Being out on the pitch was my happy place and I could channel all my energy into the game. Achieving your goals both personally and as part of a team was an unbeatable feeling. Sadly, I sustained an injury which prevented me from playing. Suddenly my passion, the sport that I had spent years learning and grafting for was no longer part of my life.

At this time, I stopped doing any sport or exercise which caused my overall wellbeing to suffer. I trained to become a fully qualified make-up artist but realised that when I wasn’t playing sport, I didn’t know what to focus on and I felt lost. I had jobs as a nanny, hostess and sales assistant. However, this did not satisfy me and I felt something was missing.

After this unsettled period, it was time to rediscover my real love for sports. In 2016, I undertook a personal training course and soon after I felt ready to share my passion and knowledge to all you Fitties. I found that the most satisfying part of the job was motivating others to reach their goals and seeing the amazing results.

I started an Instagram account as a means to share exercises, tips and tricks and spread my passion for training. My videos are suitable for people of all different fitness levels and are an aid to help you get the most out of training. So far, the feedback has been amazing which in turn motives me. Remember that with hard work and consistency comes results, you can do it Fitties!

Lots of love,